Tuesday, March 15

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

So you know how yesterday my child was temporarily missing?  I think we have it figured out.

When I left work, I kept thinking.  What is wrong with him?  What can I do to make it better?  How do I fix him?  So I drove and when I arrived, I was greeted with a HUGE hug and laughter.  The laughter did not come from my son, it came from the people who watch him during the day.  And the conversation went as so,

Me:  Umm ok what did she do now?
Its not her.
(Confused look)
How long is your hair?
Me: Just at my waist, why?
Well he was a fuss bucket ALL day but he has no fever, he ate, but he just seemed ticked off.
Me: Ok?
Well, right before nap time we changed his diaper and we noticed something.  He had a hair on his bum so we pulled it out.  Pulling pulling, pulling, pulling.  We pulled a hair that was about 3ft out of his diaper/butt area that we can only assume that was squished up his crack or somewhere in there.
Me:  Are you serious?
Yes, heres the funny thing.  He didnt fuss one more.  Hes back to his normal self and running and laughing and giving hugs.  I do believe we removed the stick hair out of his butt.

Does anyone else find this funny?  My hair has made him miserable the last few days?  We can only assume this is what has made him cranky because we havnt heard a fuss or peep out of him since it has been removed.  This morning he walked up to me, grabbed my leg and sais "Loove you" and walked away.  I guess its very freeing to remove hair from your bum. 

Im so sorry Cole, maybe Ill head out to cut my hair.  I dont want you to get wrapped up in me again unless its with my arms, not my small child that I shed on a daily basis.

Im glad hes back.

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