Monday, March 14

Where did my child go?

Its completely normal to not recognize your child right?

Wait ....back up......thats not what I meant.

Cole is sick, or achy, or pissy, or something.  For the last week, he is NOT happy.  He doesnt have a fever, hes going to the potty, he eats (mostly) but he is a giant old fuss bucket.  I attempt to blame molars, but I cannot see anything breaking through.  Could it be his ears?  If it was, hes showing no signs of it.  This screaming, fussy child has taken over my laid back little dude. 

She usually wakes up at night, he sleeps through all of her screams.  Last night, he was up and down all night screaming from I can only describe as fear.  He'd lay on my chest and he'd calm and start snoring so Id put him back and screams would shortly follow.

Hes the easy one, or he was and Im not sure what to do.  I wish he could really tell me what hurts or whats made him mad or whatever is going on with him. I dont know if hes sick or hes just getting to that age where kids do this or something else. 

I hope it passes soon, I miss my kid.  Until then, I guess Im gaining a cuddler and Im ok with that.

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  1. Okay, they have taken my child too! She has just been something else lately and I am at my wit's end!

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