Monday, March 21

Weekend Round up

I think it is the best thing in the world when grandparents WANT to spend time with their grand kids.  My mom tells me about every 3 weeks or so, I think the kids miss me, they told me they want to stay with me and papaw.  They kids stayed the weekend in the beginning of March so I was not expecting this conversation to happen for another few weeks.  Very unexpectedly, the kids HAD to stay over and play, so we got a weekend to ourselves with no plans.

So what did we do?

I have asked him for the past 2 years to build me a garden so I can plant and things and attempt to keep them alive.  The hubs had his own agenda.   He wanted to build an entertainment cabinet.  We both won and he got to work.  After 2 days, I had the beginning of a garden and he had this cabinet that now rests in our bedroom with the SECOND surround sound (Its a man thing Im told)

He did a really good job, its just big, but at least it fits everything.  Im grateful that hes handy.

While he worked in the shed, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  I started in the kids bathroom and bleached everything.  The non-slip mat gets gross, the toys needed bleaching and dont get me started on the toilet.  For as much as that thing does NOT get used, it was gross.  I then headed to the kitchen and worked  and worked and cleaned.  I dont know it got bad, though if you saw it youd say I was crazy but it was dirty by my standards, but it needed some deep cleaning.  Next, I cleaned out the kids closets and set stuff to sell and donate. 

If your in the Dallas area this next week, you should come by, JBF, its the best sale ever.  You can find great deals and clear out the clutter in your house.  Im so glad I found out about this.

Where was I?  Oh yea, kids closet.  After I got that taken care of, well the part of pulling out stuff that does not fit anymore, I went to the garage.  Thats right, I straightened out the garage.  We have shelves and a freezer so it wasnt much.  My hubby believes garages are for parking, not storing but what we do store was a disaster.  So I went to work organizing and now the shelf is in an orderly fashion (OCD much?)

After THAT, I know right, I planted seedlings.  I have decided to start with a variety of seeds with the hopes that something wont die.  I have tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, squash, green peppers, jalapenos, onions, chives, parsley, cilantro, spinach and lettuce.  Im just hoping something sprouts so I can plant it and hopefully eat out of it this summer.  We will see.

It was a long weekend but we got a lot of stuff done that needed to be done.  My to-do  list got shorter but then I added more.  I guess Ill never be done, but such is life.

What projects did you do this weekend?

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