Friday, March 25

Football and Running

Last night I ran 5 miles.  It was an EASY SLOW pace of 5 miles but the cramps didnt hurt to bad so Im happy with it.  I figure if I keep the same pace on Sunday, Ill be slow but Ill finish without walking.  For my first half, thats the goal, to finish.  Ill worry about speed on the next one.

In other news, Cole loves football.  We live in Texas, if you live here you know, so its never too early to start football.  (At least in my mind its not)  We got Cole a football and he gets so excited when he sees it.  He attempts to catch it and giggles with joy when he does (Of course you have to toss it IN his arms, but hes not even 2 yet so its ok)  After he catches the ball, he giggles and runs to the corner by our bedroom door.  He then throws it, laughs, goes to pick it back up. 

If he cannot find the ball, which is rare, he still wants to play.  He runs to the corner and yells "FOOBALL FOOBALL".  We then say Down, in which he squats, Set, he stands and takes off as you yell Hut Hut Hut to tackle.  I mentioned this a little before in this post and I have been trying to get it on video ever since.  Well last night, it happened.  He did it just the right number of times that I could get it on video.  Please excuse me yelling through my phone.

Hes actually saying down set hut with me, you can hear it if you listen carefully.

I think we got a future player on our hands.


  1. It is always fun to share a favorite interest with your children. It always increses the quality family time when as they grow older.
    I found you through the Stalk Me Friday Hop.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Cute post! Yes on the running goals and YES on the football in Texas. :-)