Tuesday, December 28

Merry Christmas

Day 2 of being playing catch up.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Mine was great.  I really think holidays, especially Christmas , is way more fun when you have kiddos.  Elyse and Cole are almost 20 months old.  They still dont 'get it' but they do get what opening presents is. 

Christmas morning they woke up, around 8.  (Im sure we will be getting up before dawn next year, and if not the next.)  We laid around in our PJs and walked the kids to the tree asking "What did Santa bring?"  Cole had a look on his face that said why oh why did i get out of bed.  Elyse kept repeating, Santa? Santa?

As we came around the corner, they saw the ball pit.  Elyse shrieked and goes OOOOOOO and Cole yelled PLAY PLAY PLAY.  The got in.  Needless to say they LOVE it, even if they dont keep the balls in the tent.

After prying them from the ball pit, we showed them the kitchen.  More shrieks, more giggles more OHH PETTY-ies

About 30 minutes later, we separated the presents and had them open them.  Like I said, I think its more fun with little ones.  They get so excited over paper and want to lug all the gifts around the house and not let go of one of them.  Here are some things they got:

For me?  I got jus what I wanted, well needed.  I got much needed running clothes, now Im just short of some shorts, some candles (because Im obsessed), a DEEP FREEZE (now I can buy 20 boxes of veggies when I get coupons and not have to worry where to put them and can finally get rid of the damn ham from our kitchen freezer, long story) AND a grown up purse.  DANCE DANCE

I really needed a purse.  This is what Ive be carrying for FOREVER

Dont judge, I know its horrible.
In my defense, Im not a purse person

Until now.....

And this baby holds SOO MUCH crap stuff its ridiculous.  I also get to check off #99 of my list off.

I hope your Christmas was just as much fun.

Too bad all I will hear for the next few months is BALLS?BALLS?BALLS?

Man I love her.

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