Thursday, December 9

Saying goodbye

I love my kids to pieces. Now saying that, I work.  Im glad that I work.  I love those little buggers but I need adult interaction, even if I grip about at times. 

Recently, we have gotten BOTH kids to give hugs or kisses when they say goodbye.  In the mornings, when I drop them off C never misses a beat.  I say, Ok bye baby and he runs up wraps his arm around my shoulder and says bu-bye.  E on the hand, just yells back bye-bye BYE-BYE as she waves. This was how it was until this week.  FINALLY, she is giving hugs and kisses. YES, so happy.

So this morning, I got through the routine.  Bye E, as she has tears in her eyes.  She runs up, wraps her tiny arms around me and says "Bye-Bye mommy" giggles and runs away.  I put my hand on the door and I hear "Oh C its ok, shell be back"  I turn my head and there is C,  Standing there with his lip pushed out so far he is about to trip on it.  I didnt have my camera, but it looks something like this:

May 2009, less than a month old

July 2009

He has given this pout since he was born.  So naturally, I stop and say "Its Okay, Ill say bye to you too, come here"  He smiles with glee and takes off running to me and wraps his arms around my shoulder.

There are days like that I wish I could just sit there with their arms wrapped around me all day.  There are days when I wish I could stay home and have them next to me as we cuddle on the couch.

And then I remember, they dont cuddle unless they are sick.  I am a better mom because I am not with them 24 hours a day.  I am grateful that I found someone to watch them as I would if I were home with them daily. I am grateful that when I pick them up at the end of the day, they are SOOO excited to see me.  I am grateful that, on 95% of the time, when I get home I want to play and spend every minute them instead of ripping my hair out due to the fighting and whining from the day.  (Not that that happens often, but hey they are kids and it happens)

Most of the time, Im glad Im a working mom.

But on days like today,

I wish I was home.

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