Monday, December 6

Lets go shopping

I think having twins makes you think about things differently.  Am I giving the same attention to both to them?  Do each of them feel special?  Am I favoring one over the other?  I guess this is the same for people with two kids, but I got hit with it at once.
I think it is important to spend one on one time with each child, with each parent to say the least, make sure they know they are special.  Really, I don’t know if they understand that yet but I figure we should start early.
This brings me to this weekend.
A couple of weeks ago, I took E to the grocery store.  Simple but it was just me and her.  I love one on one time with that little girl.  On Saturday, I had to finish up some Christmas shopping so I thought “Its C’s turn”  I rarely take him alone places because 1, the hubs believes E hates him and 2, he is a daddy’s boy unless hes sick.  I thought this would solve both issues, even for a few hours.
So off we went, just me and C.
Hes such a sweet little boy and a trooper.  He sat in his stroller, saying hi to everyone that passed and kept his hands to himself. 
This is until the baby cried at Kohls.
His little ears perked up and he yells at the top of his little lungs“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, EEEEEEEEEEEEE KKKKKKKKKKKKK”  (Which means E its ok) The baby quieted and he went back to bouncing his feet on the stroller. 
Then the next store.
Baby cries, I hear this “Mommy….Mommy…ESE K?”
Yes, baby that’s not her but she’s ok.
K, mommy.
The rest of the day went the same.
After we got home, I started to tell the hubs about what he was doing all day and he began to laugh.  I asked what was so funny.  He then proceeds to tell me that E was doing the same thing ALL DAY LONG.  He said that she would be smiling, give him a hug (see she doesn’t hate him) and then would turn all of a sudden and yell “COOOOLLLE”  He said that she looked for him all day and when he said they were going home she looked right at him and said “Home to Cole?”
I wonder if this happens with siblings close in age?

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