Tuesday, December 14

A gift comes in all forms

Ive said it time and time again, boys are different from girls.  Im not talking about the physical parts, but just about the part of how they act.

In general, this is how it is.  Girls play with dolls and like pink.  Boys are rough and like getting dirty.  For the most part, this is true in our house.

With exceptions of course.

Cole does NOT like to be dirty.  He has been this way from day one.  We tried to put him in the grass and he freaked out.  Elyse on the other hand loves to get dirty and rolls around on the ground every chance she gets.    He does play with trucks and she does play with dolls.  He is a brick house and she is dainty (somewhat)

I do have a point, I promise.

Our cats hate us.  They have attitudes.  If they dont get fed when they want, they yell at the door.  Yes I said yell.  If they are locked out of the bedroom, they poop on the floor right by the door so we see it right when we wake up.  If we are gone to long, poop on the floor.  If the litter box is not cleaned to their expectations...you guessed it, they poop on the floor.

Elyse will find it and yell "Mommy EWWWW" as she bends over looking at it from a distance of a few inches.  Sweet girl, she would never touch it but shell get as close as she can to it.

Then there is Cole.  Curious Cole.  We came home and hes playing as he always does and I hear giggles.  I have now learned that silence+immediate giggles=trouble  So I check on them, they are playing sweetly.  About 10 minutes later, Cole runs up  to me hands full and says something that Im sure only he understood but Im guessing was something to the words of here or see or look.  He opens his hand and voila.  Thats right big OL' CAT TURD is laid in my lap.  He then smiles and looks at me for approval of his gift.  I jump up and yell "EWW COLE NO NO We do NOT play with cat poop"  He gives me this look that tells me he understands and then I hear "No poop, no poop, no poop" followed by giggles as he runs away to chase his sister.

I guess this is what I get to look forward to.
Sweet innocent gifts
Even if it is poop.

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