Tuesday, December 7

Puddles of Pee

Last night I was headed out to the gym and the hubs asked me if the kiddos needed a bath.  I said yes and he asked for help.
He stripped E and asked me if I would strip C
“Shes naked”
“Well shes naked”
“And let her be naked……C come here”
So I grab C and say “Oh C, did you go potty?” And he smiles.  And I say “C did you go poo-poo?” And he says “Poo-poo?”
Just then I hear E saying “Mommy, potty, Mommy, potty”
“Yes, C went potty”
“Mommy, potty, mommy, potty”
At this time, I decided to look out the door to see what she is doing.  I look and all I see is her squatting in the middle of the hallway yelling “Potty potty potty” Just then she stands up and I see it.
The puddle.
Of Pee.
And I can say, “Baby girl you have to go potty in the toilet” and she responds “Potty, ok.” And takes off to the bathroom, slipping…..in her pee.  After slipping she says “Eww mommy, ewwww” and then gets on all fours to crawl over it like a monkey so she does not touch anymore.
So now one of my children has poo-ed in the tub and made a pee puddle.  Who would have thought it would have been her instead of him.


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  6. Ha ha...my son sleep walks and I woke up this morning to a puddle of pee...right next to the trash can.

    Fellow Blog Hoppper:)