Tuesday, December 21

Does anyone else find this weird?

Im a first time mom,  Ive read all the books but this baffles me.  I have never heard or seen any kid do this.  I dont think its hurting her but I think its strange.  You be the judge.

That my friends is a baby wipe.  She is constantly putting them in her mouth and chewing on them.  When we wipe her face, her tongue comes out and she licks it as it passes her lips.  Im assuming it tastes good, why else would she do this?  I find it strange but oddly cute.

So, should I be worried or just continue to take pictures?


  1. Oh my holy good gravy....your lil ones are so a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

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  2. haa love it! new follower here from Follow Me Chickadee! would love a follow back :)

  3. Ew. LOL! Hope used to suck the liquid out of them too. I ended up giving her a wet wash cloth to suck on instead? When I'd change her, I'd use the wipes on her and give her the wash cloth. Perhaps if it is beginning to bother you, you could do that. She must like it, for whatever reason. They are nontoxic? So I'm assuming it's not hurting her? LOL

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