Friday, December 31

Whats this white stuff?

Living in Texas, we NEVER get a white Christmas.  Except on a fluke, we dont get the white stuff anytime during the year (One exception was last February when we got 12 inches, you gotta love Texas weather)

While I am off of work, I drove up north to Illinois to visit my dad and sister.  There is snow.  Only about 5-6 inches but snow is snow. I bundled up the kids and we went to play.

The both of them are CLUELESS what the white stuff is and what they were supposed to do with it.  Elyse got cold after a bit and Cole couldnt figure out how to keep it off his shoes.  Here are a few pictures of them trying to figure it all out.

"I dont understand"


Walking back inside with Grandpa

Looking outside wanting to go out again.

I wish we got snow in Texas without the 20 degree temps,  I dont think that will be happening any time soon so I guess we will have to come back.

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