Monday, December 27

8 years already?

Im a little behind because of Christmas, but I hope to catch up pretty quickly.

On December 21, 2002 we were married.  (That sounds retarded but I dont know another way to say it)  I cant believe that the time has flown by so quickly.  It seems not that long ago, its flown by.

Because we our Anniversary is so close to Christmas, we decided  (well I did) that we do not gifts, per say.  Instead of random gifts, we go by the traditional wedding gifts.  This website is what we usually go by, but most lists are the same, give or tack.

This year, number 8, was bronze/pottery.  HARD  Doesnt seem that way but think bout it. He doesnt garden, any cooking appliance would be used by me and he does NOT want to go throw clay with me.  (Apparently its only a girl thing to want to re-enact the scene out of Ghost)

So heres what I did.  I bought a pot and some seeds.  He always says he wants to grow herbs....well there you go.  Done and Done. 

He got me a gift certificate to go to a ladys night to throw pots and get a massage.  (Told you he didnt want to go, but I do so he got it for me)  Hes always good at gifts, I suck most of the time.

In addition to these gifts, we go out to eat.  THEN he surprised me by a whole lot.

We went out to eat and ate dessert.  Cheesecake, come on I cant say no to cheesecake.

Then we went to ALOFT, which is a hotel like the W but not as pricey.

The Bar

Looks Tasty

The Bed

The Sink
(Not sure what my deal with sinks is, but I like this one)

THEN he secluded massages.

Oh yea, that happened.

He did good.

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