Friday, December 17

Its a hair raising experience

Is there much cuter things in the world than seeing your children hug each other because they like each other?  We were coming home and Elyse giggles in hysteria.  Its the cutest thing you will ever see.  Cole was hiding behind a wall and came running out yelling "Lyse, Lyse, Lyse"  She turned, smiled, and ran to him and put him in a choke hold, her way of giving him a hug.

(Please ignore her rolled pants, the girl is skinny and its the only way to keep them up)

They then walked hand in hand around the house and ended up in front of the pin ball machine where she wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

Its so sweet it makes me smile just seeing it happen without being prompted.

Its so sweet that it makes hairs stand on end.

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