Monday, December 20

Its just another manic Monday

The things I have learned in the last 2 hours:
1.       Even if you go to bed at 9 PM, that does not mean you will wake up at 5 as planned.
2.       Shaving quickly will most defiantly get yourself cut, especially with a new razor.
3.       19 month olds WILL run from you and tend to do so when they are naked.
4.       When running late, you will not find your shoes where you left them.
5.       Once you find your shoes, one kid, if not both, will poop like they have never pooped before.
6.       Pizza is a great replacement for breakfast.
7.       Girls are adventurous and have no fear of running through the alley.
8.       Eminem will calm any upset child.
9.       A package of baby wipes are a great distraction.
10.   A boy will fall 100 times walking up a driveway.
11.   My kids would rather hold on to the before mentioned baby wipes than give hugs, take of jackets, or grab a new toy.

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