Monday, April 25

Dying Easter Eggs

Ok so Im a little behind from this weekend, so bare with me as I make few posts of this weekends festivities.

First up, Easter egg dying.  We did not dye eggs last year, as they were not even 1 and didnt get it yet.  Being almost 2, I still cant believe they will be 2 this week, I figured they would have a blast.

I was right.  I have never seen 2 dozen eggs dyed so quickly.  Want proof?   Here you go.

He slowly puts an egg in the cup.....

Elyse promptly yells, "NO" and throws an egg in the mix as though he wasnt doing it right so she had to show him.
(Notice the Splash)

And the finished products, most are pink because that was the bowl in front of Cole until he dumped it.

It was such a mess and only took about 5 minutes to complete.  Both kids were stained, still are as a matter of fact.  They enjoyed themselves and thats all that really matters.

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