Tuesday, April 5

When is it time for toddler beds?

You can read all the books, but nothing can prepare for what and when things will happen.  By the books,  a child rolls at this time, stands at this time, talks at this time and gives you guidelines for what you should be doing. Sometimes it just doesnt happen like that.

Ive thrown the book out.  My opinion is, if the kid is developing, no matter the pace, its all good.  If the child is gaining weight, were good (Even if that means he/she is almost 2 and can still wear some 12m clothes)

Anyway, we have been trying to figure out when to start potty training, when to put them in toddler beds, and when they should get their own room. 

Potty training:
I believe she is ready.  This is a whole other post so Ill leave it at that.  Its a work in progress.

Separate rooms:
When they figure out they have different parts, we will get them to their own room. From what I can tell, this isnt happening anytime soon.

That leaves toddler beds.  I have always said that when they climb out, they are ready to graduate big kid beds.  On the weekends, they wake up, talk, giggle, jiggle the blinds and giggle some more until we go in there and get them.  On Saturday, it started just as this.  But instead, the giggling stopped.  Silence.   With 2 23 month olds,  we have learned this is not good.  I ran into the room (I couldnt locate the monitor) and found this.

Yea, that would be Cole on TOP of the dresser.  He pulled himself up from his bed as he demonstrated again while I was attempting to change Elyse.  I say they are ready, the husband says Im rushing them to grow up.

So here's the question, are they ready?  I dont want to rush them but they (she climbed out too) did get out of the cribs, even if it was by the assistance of the dresser.  She figured out that if she stacks her bear and other stuffed animals that she gets higher and doesnt have to pull herself as far.

Whats the solution?  We rearranged the room.  The beds are now on one wall, the dresser and changing table on the other.  So far, they have not escaped but I know its a matter of time.

For now, the husband has won.  But I know whats coming.  Two kids climbing into bed with us when we should be sleeping.  Who wouldnt want to rush that?

On second thought, he has a point.


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  2. I have a son Cole also!! That is a tough one! I'm thinking, unless you move the dresser, you may as well switch to toddler beds. I mean, looks like they've figured out how to make a break for it! I'm a new follower from the Tag Back Tuesday hop. I'd love for you to return the follow at Homeschooling by the Yard

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  4. Have you tried crib tents? Transitioning kids to toddler or big-kid beds can be a pain! If they're still sleeping fine, but just climbing out when they wake, I'd buy two crib tents. :)

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  5. I switched my boys to toddlers beds several months ago. It was getting to where they weren't staying in bed and passing out on the floor because they couldn't get back in. At first, after I switched their beds, I put a rail up so they wouldn't fall out while sleeping. I recently removed them and they haven't fallen out yet. (fingers crossed) I think it's better to do it now then later when they have figured out to climb out and hurt them selves. (Just my opinion).