Thursday, April 21

So what...

... If I laugh when someone says duty
... If I wear my workout clothes more than once.
... If I get pissed off , get over it and get out of my way
... If I sing very loudly and very out of tune, I know Im tone deaf but it makes my kids laugh (Id do it if they didnt laugh)
... If I play coupon fairy at the grocery store.  I love finding coupons for things that I need and didnt have one already, Im just paying it forward.
... If I plan to go to Sams at the time to eat so I can eat oodles of samples and basically get lunch for free.
... If I am a sample whore, end of story.
... If I find the smell of laundry detergent and bleach intoxicating (In a wow thats wonderful, not wow Im plastered kind of way)
... If I changed Elyse in the trunk of my car, in the Target parking lot.  I wasnt going to leave her there, spare me the ditty looks.
... If Coles favorite book to read right now is a Christmas pop up book....and its April

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