Saturday, April 2

I like to Zumba Zumba

Here's another thing to knock off of my list.  #62 is to try Zumba.

Im not one to brag, but for a white girl, I got some rhythm.  I can shake it with the best of them so I figured Zumba would be perfect for me and shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Boy was I wrong.  I have never felt so white and un-coordinated in my life.  It was step here, shake there, nod here, throw arms here.  Yup, completely lost.  Id just get the hang of one step and shed be on the next. I looked like a fool, let me tell you.  Luckily, there were two girls next to me who were giggling and laughing with me the entire time so I didnt feel so out of place.  It was HILARIOUS.  Move move move, shake shake shake, ok I got it....wait you want me to do what, AND shake.

Word of advice?  Its super fun, but dont take your mom.  No on needs to see their momma air humping, I dont care how many calories it burns.

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