Friday, April 15

Fevers and Fruit Loops

Yesterday I got a call that Elyse had a fever.  She was acting normal but just hot and I needed to come pick her up.  When I got halfway home, I got another call saying that Cole also had a fever.  I was expecting them to be sickly but they were normal, just quite.  Being quite is NOT normal.  They dont yell and scream, they just dont get quite voices just yet.  She shrieks and he makes loud noises any chance he gets.  I picked them both up and got them home and they immediately went down for a nap. 

When she woke up, you could tell she didnt feel good.

She just laid there, gripping her cup for dear life, cuddled up in the blanket.  Every now and then she would let out this quite cough and would say "More water peas, more water"  I got her some meds to reduce her fever and she bounced back like nothing was wrong.  Same as Cole, he was warm so I gave him some and he was running around like a crazy person, you know, his usual self.

Elyse got in the pantry and found the Fruit Loops.  "Pretty Cheerios mommy,"  "Do you wand Fruit Loops for dinner"  "Yes please"  They didnt eat much for lunch so I figured as long as they were eating something, we were good.  Fruit loops and Kiwi it is, and they loved it.

Its amazing how an hour of being fever free can bring my kids back to their normal selves.

Yup, happy as can be, eating Fruit Loops and watching Wipeout.

On another note, does anyone else find it amusing of how small they look sitting on the couch together?


  1. The kids are really cute. Hope by the time you read this, they are back to their normal selves!

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  2. Glad they are feeling a bit better now.
    I am a new follower.

  3. Hi there!

    So glad that the little cuties are feeling better.

    Following you via the blog hop.
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