Sunday, April 3

Baby books, done

Im on a roll lately.  I keep checking things off my list of things to do.  I went to Scrap again this weekend. I dont have a creative bone in my body so its good to be around people who can 'see' what it will look like.  I feel completely blindfolded when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Ive been trying to figure out what scrap book to start with and I kept drawing a blank.  So instead of a REAL scrapbook, I decided to finish my pregnancy book and the baby books.  I finished my prego book awhile back so my focus was on the baby books.  Long story short, it took a few weekends, but they are complete, until they turn 2 of course.  (Which BTW, I cant believe that its only 3 weeks away, there has the time gone)

Here are a few pictures from their books.


Now on to a real scrapbook.  The plan is to do one for every year, starting with 2011. I also want to do one with all my races.  You know pictures on one side, bib  on the other.  Shouldnt be too hard right?  I have ideas but no clue where to start.  Im sure itll all work out and Ill be a scrapping queen before I know it.

Ok maybe not queen, but I can hope to be the jester right?


  1. Yeah Ive been working on my list too :)

  2. They look great!! I love my daughter's baby books. I treated them like a scrapbook when I made them... throwing tags and such in them when my mom took our daughter for the weekend. I however wouldn't even know where to start, when I attempt to make her an ACTUAL scrapbook.

  3. I am a new friend from Frugal Friends Tuesday Blog hop. I am visiting you from I would love a follow back. And I have to say that I admire that you have gotten the baby books done...I only have one little one and I have only gotten as family history in hers! :) You are doing awesome for doing two and adding pictures! I recently posted my first giveaway for a children's book, hope you will stop on over and help me make it a success. Right now I have very few entries and would love your help! :)