Friday, April 1

Lets go for a walk

The weather has been fantastic the last couple of days.  We have a wagon and I have taken them for a walk with it before, but its a royal pain in the A$$.  We have taken them for walks with nothing and they refuse to walk in a strait line.  They are almost 2, its expected.  On the other hand, it is hard to keep them both out of the middle of the street when they want to explore everything and go in two different directions.  I only have two hands and can only go in one direction, even if I think I can do it all.

A couple of days ago they were begging to go outside.  So we took them out and took a walk around the block.

First they walked with mommy.
Then they walked with Daddy.

Elyse 'posed' for a picture.
And then they wanted to be carried.

She dug in tree droppings

And Cole picked flowers

It was a good walk, until she put herself in time out.

And then they ran back home.

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