Thursday, April 7

The things kids say

The mini-mes are just about to turn 2.  They are figuring out how to put things together through words.  They have not hit the Im-going-to-repeat-everything-and-embarrass-the-car-out-of-you-in-the-supermarket stage but I know its only a matter of time.  Saying that, they both say the funniest things.

Elyse carries her poodle purse or her baby everywhere.  Im not fighting it, it makes her happy so I let it go.  We were in Sams and they were giving away Kleenex samples.  Being the sample whore that I am, I of course took one for each of us, totaling 4.  Elyse then ripped open the package and said loudly "Nose mommy, clean nose" as she whacked herself in the face a few times.  When she was done wiping her nose, she said "Puppy nose, puppy nose"  and suffocated the puppy with the tissue.  When it was clean, she would say "Puppy nose all clean", all better and shove the Kleenex inside her purse.  A few minutes later, shed start all over with her own nose by pulling the Kleenex out and saying, Oh no, puppy hurt puppy hurt and then clean nose clean nose  (Maybe she thinks she was pulling its guts out? )

When you change Coles diaper, he stands up and turns off the light.  As soon as the lights go out, he says "Ahhh booo" to which we say "Oh your so scary"  He then flips on the light and grabs your shoulder and says "Its ok, its ok" as he smiles and gives you a hug.  The lights then will go out again, starting the process over.

Elyse has figured out scary.  Anytime the lights are off she will yell "Oh mommy (or daddy) you scare me, your scary"  She then giggles in this high shrieking voice as she comes and attacks you.

Cole is obsessed with cars.  Whenever he sees one he yells CARS CARS and smiles.  This is super cute until we pass a dealership or the isle of cars then its CARS CARS CARS growl growl growl MOMMMMY CAAARS

We are very laid back parents, in my opinion.  We stay calm (most of the time because come on, we all have our limits)  We are very no nonsense kind of parents (in my opinion)  I dont do well with a kid, especially mine, throwing a temper tantrum for no reason.  It happens, I know, but I still dont like it.  Anyway, they both get into a fit and I say ok thats enough.  You need to calm down and tell me what you want.  After a bit, it works and everyone is happy again.  So the other night, it was story time and both kids were sitting in my lap tyring to read a story.  The husband goes "Elyse, can daddy read you a story?"
"No daddy"
"No daddy"
The husband then puffs out his lip and begins to pout, playfully of course, and says "That makes daddy sad"  Elyse looks up and says, "Enough Dad, no sad, enough, thats enough daddy"
It took everything I had not to bust out laughing.  She eventually went over to him and he read her a story.

I wonder where she got that from.

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