Monday, January 3

New Hair-Do

We have been debating, well I have, on whether or not to cut Cole's hair.  I didnt want to cut his baby hair but the hubbs was tired of his duck tail that has appeared.

So I was pressured convinced agreed to go ahead and cut his baby hair for the first time.

This is his 'long' hair before.

This is our record of the butcher stylist cutting away his baby hair. She really did do a good job of trying to calm him because he was screaming, until she sang and we bribed him with a sucker.

I think he was feeling what momma was feeling, :(

Suckers make everything better

And after...

Not much change, hes still the cutest, just without a duck tail.


  1. I feel your pain! My twin boy, DoogieBug desperately needs a hair's super long now...but it's kinda curly and I'm TERRIFIED that if I cut it the curls will vanish! =( I'll have to break down eventually or people will think I have twin girls! LOL

  2. LOL I always get told I have twin BOYS

  3. I hate getting their baby hair cut off! My youngest had pretty long hair. My older sister teased that he was a girl. I felt pressured to get him in for a hair cut. I like it, but I miss running my fingers through his longer baby hair! I guess you have to get their hair cut sometime.