Monday, January 31

Poo, Spools, and Fireworks

This weekend went by so fast.  Friday night, we went out with friends from out of town.  Of course, we ate Mexican food.  It was sooooooooooooo good.  Do you now what these are?

Chips and salsa.  I have a problem with this food.  No matter how full I am, if there are chips in front of me, I eat them.  I lick the bowl clean and drink the salsa.  I have a problem. Friday was different.  I said NO to chips thanks to my 101 in 1001 things.  Not one chip entered my mouth, Not one morsel of salt (from the chips) touched my lips.  #53, in the bag.

After dinner, we headed home so we could get ready for our weekend trip to Tyler to visit the Grandparents.  Love it out there, fresh food, fresh air, limited cell phone coverage, its just what is needed.

We got off to a late start.  They needed a bath.  I got them naked and went to change Elyse.  Cole was in the tub, with a floater.  Yup, he pooped right in the tub.  So after bleaching the tub and all the toys and a brief stop to get some jeans for the kids, we were on our way.  When we got there, the kids were shy at first, like always and then warmed up and wouldnt sit still.  Who knew empty spools of thread could entertain kids so well?

We gave them apple pie.  Talk about a SUGAR RUSH so we then decided to take a walk.

They loved being free and able to explore everything.  He liked to run up and down and side to side as she picked up sticks. 
We walked past this sign and they thought it was hilarious to make noise by banging on it and play peek-a-boo with each other. 

We were entertained, they relaxed.

As it got dark, the fireworks started.  It was a kids birthday aroudn the corner so we got to enjoy the show as well.

Cole didnt take his eyes off of the sky.

Elyse kept saying "Momma, I see it, I see it"

They were exhausted and we headed home.

Sunday was just as uneventful.  I went to work, for a minute.  It was quick and painless.  I did Yoga again.  It was so much better than the last time.  There was a whole bunch of people at different levels.  I was sweating and Im a little sore today, so I guess I was doing it right.  Im definlty going to be doing this weekly.  Also, Im back in gear for my training.  With being sick, running was NOT my prioity.  Im back and I am scheduled to do 9 miles this weekend.  We will see how taking off for a week will affect me, hopefully not too much.

How was your weekend?  Eventful?  Two days of nothing? 
One of these days, I will do that but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

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