Tuesday, January 4

We got some bling

With going with the theme of  'to do something new', we turned our attention to Elyse.

After getting Cole's first hair cut, we decided to make her a girl, or at least look like it.  For awhile now, we have wanted to get her ears pierced but were nervous of how she would handle it.  We decided to go for it and see what happened.

Right before,
Say Cheese

Right after....

Told you suckers make EVERYTHING better

Maybe now, even when she is wearing PINK, we will complimented on how cute our baby girl is, not how cute our TWIN BOYS are.


  1. Yay! Super cute (loved the lil guys haircut too!)

    I got the same thing with my girls when they were little and they always wore girly colors and dresses! I swear people just don't pay attention! I would want to scream - "she's in a pink dress for crying out loud - what do you mean HE's so cute!" lol!

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