Thursday, January 6

Show me your parts

Dont be dirty, thats not what I mean.

Our Aunt (well the Hubb's Aunt, but I claim her too) bought Your Baby Can Read in the hopes to give the kids a head start.  It works great, even though we have slacked on the flash cards and just play the videos.  The kids randomly say written words when we pass and it amazes me.

For example, on the drive to IL last week, we stopped at a gas station to change diapers and let mommy pee.  So were in the restroom with the changing table and Cole looks at me goes "Mommy"
Me: "Yes Baby" (as Im hovering over the toilet)
Cole: "Baby?" (As hes pointing to the word baby on the changing table that had NO pictures)
Me: "Yes Cole that does say baby, good job"

Another day, a commercial came on and the word nose popped up and Elyse goes "Mommy NOSE" and ran away.  The TV was muted at the time so she read it.  Little victories, and its a start.

Back to the point.  In these videos, they play songs. The latest is "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees ant toes...." (I know your singing it now HA)

We have now made a game of it.  Cole wheres your nose?  Elyse show me your toes.  I keep trying to get it on video but they wont do it once I push play.  So this is what I got:

Cole wheres your mouth?

Elyse, show me your eyes.

 Cole where are your ears?

Wheres mommy's toes?

I really need to get them all on video, but they just move too quick.


  1. thats great that they are getting a head start in this world a head up above is one thing that we all can use the pictures are all adorable how cute they are

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