Friday, January 28

So what.....

...If the kids wear PJs 2 nights in a row, we got a lot of laundry in our house

...If I hide veggies in there food, it gets them to eat them and I dont think its lying (I do it to the husband too)

...If I dont wash my hair daily.  If I do, it gets greasy, so Im on a once every 2-3 days routine and it works for me.  That doesnt mean I dont shower, I just dont wash my hair

...If I wear socks with crocs, my feet get cold, sue me

...If I want to have a lazy day and do nothing but sit on the couch, I deserve it every now and then

...If I dont like chocolate, it doesnt make me a freak

...If both kids know how to wipe their nose, even if it is on a blanket or whoever is near

...If I blog at work, I need a break from my email

...If I want a tummy tuck in a few years, my skin will not go back no matter how much I work out

...If the kids play ON the toilet, at least they are interested in the potty

...If I give the kids Gatorade, they like it and its not ALL the time

...Its Friday and thats good enough for me


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