Sunday, January 16

Where does this piece go?

For Christmas, the kids got A LOT of stuff.  Too much stuff, ehh they are spoiled but at least they dont know it yet.  We have yet to put up ALL of the loot so some of it is still in bags by their ball pit (like books, puzzles, bubbles and other odds and ends)

The kids found the bag of puzzles and went hay wire.  Im not sure what age a kid 'gets' what a puzzle is or how it works, but Im saying that they are super smart, but they could be just where they need to be.  I ripped opened the puzzles and let them have at.

Immediately, Cole dumped the pieces.  Elyse laughed and did the same.  I then said ok pick up the pieces and put it back together.

Ok mommy, clean up clean up clean up  (thank you Lisa for teaching them this so early)

They then picked up all the pieces and put the puzzles back together, completely, BY THEMSELVES. They love those puzzles and Cole now carries it (with his tool box) everywhere.

Shes concentrating

Cole, put your tongue up.

Cole put your tongue up

Cole, please put your tongue up

Mommy, I cant hear you
Notice tongue is now in mouth.

Mommy, look at my head

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