Tuesday, January 11

You know you are a mom when....

...Your dishwasher is now filled with sippy cups and mini-silverware instead of beer mugs and shot glasses

...You find random toys in your purse, for example play keys and cat toys (which I have pulled out in public on more than one occasion

...You find that you have diapers and scooby snacks readily available instead of BC powder and Tylenol

...11 pm is late, I dont care what you say

...You go from dropping F-bombs to saying Ahh nuts, true story

...You say everything out loud (items at the grocery store, what the song is, what animal you just passed) and repeat what anyone says (only so your little one will understand)

...You are no longer 2 years old, you are 24 months (I am currently 347 months old)

...Poop no longer grosses you out (unless it is stuck in the drain and you have to DIG it out, again true story)

...You never get a hot meal

And finally,

You know you are a mom when you no longer look at strangers with judgement when  their 3 year old is screaming in the store for a candy bar.  Instead, you give that look that says I understand because you know that one day youll be in the same situation.

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  1. LOL- I never get a hot meal. one hand is helping one and the other is helping the other...

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