Friday, January 14

Frozen Bush

It is cold here, real cold. Like below freezing cold.  As in everyone is wearing 5 t-shirts, 4 pairs of pants and hoodies because no one in Texas buys a real winter coat cold.  Its cold.

And it snowed
And it actually stuck to the ground

But with this snow, it hailed.  Then the hail melted and became ice, for a minute.

Thats the back story, which brings me to Tuesday.  We turned off our sprinklers because lets face it, I dont care if it is 'new' grass (planted in May)  its winter and it doesnt need to be watered right now. 

I only check the mail once a week.  Most of our bills are paperless so all we get are ads and junk.  So on Tuesdays, I drive to the front of the house to get the mail on the way home.  I turned down our street and looked at our house on the left.  I thought wow, 2 days and we still have snow caps on our bushes.  Then I got closer.  This is what I drove up to:

Thats right, frozen SOLID and only on one side of the house.  Turns out the connector that connects the timer and the hose split and started spraying water everywhere.  Who knows how long the water was running but it was long enough to put a 3in solid encasing on bushes.  Sigh, oh well, at least it looks pretty.

BTW, its Friday, they are STILL frozen.


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  2. :O Wow! That's impressive! I hope nothing suffered any longterm damage. What a sight..! :)

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  3. It does look really pretty -COLD- but really pretty...

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