Friday, January 7

When is it too much?

At 5 AM this morning, I was at the gym.  I had sleep still in my eyes, walking in a daze, had on bright pink undies with hearts while I wore white shorts (dont judge, they were clean and if you have a problem with it, dont look at my rump) but I was there.

I was there to run 3 miles, per my training for the half I am running in March.

Im tired, but I was there.

To me, getting up at 4:45 AM to go run is dedication.  This might be normal for some people, but not this girl.  I like my sleep.  The plan wasnt to get up this morning, but I didnt want to move last night so I moved the run.  Im flexible like that.

The gym opens at 5 AM.  I walked in at 5:05.  Im half asleep and looking over at that treadmill, knowing that Im going to hate the next 30 minutes.

Then I look at the stair machines. 

Now I am all for working out and getting healthy.  I will never judge anyone who wants to better themselves, whatever their reasons.  But this morning, I could not help to think what in the hell people are thinking. 

How much is too much?  How skinny is too skinny?  Now Ive lost weight.  Im 5'1" and 5 pounds looks like a lot on someone my height (gaining or losing).  I have a goal weight number (128 if you wanna know) but Im more concerned with these certain pants I want to fit into so thats my real goal.  Yes Im losing weight, not a lot , but running 20+ miles a week will do it.  AND I eat ALL THE TIME, but come on it happens.  Ill tone and Ill slim and Ill lose.


What I saw this morning frightened me.  The gym was opened for 5 minutes, maybe  more if they let people in earlier, and this woman was bones.  BONES.  Not like marathon shape where its all muscle and no fat, bones with skin on.  My first thought was "Lady get off the stair master and go to McDonalds"  I couldnt help to think that it was too much, and honestly, it scared me a little.  I never want to look THAT skinny.  Smaller? Yes.  Toned? Yes  Like I need 14 cheeseburgers to survive? No

I really dont mean to judge, and it sounds harsh, and maybe there is a reason.  Maybe shes trying to gain muscle.  Maybe shes just that thin.  Maybe ...oh who knows.  I wont judge, just dont let me get there.

So I ask, when is it time to stop?  When should someone check in and say look, your pushing to much and your not healthy?

Just simply, when is it too much?

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my Having Fun Blog Hop yesterday! I am now a new follower of yours too. :-)

    Yes, it is rather scary now how society has made women feel they can never be skinny enough.

    Have a great day,