Thursday, January 27

Im back, kinda

Ok so the last few days, our house can only be described as sickness.  Between me and the hubbs, its pretty gross around there.  The kids, somehow, havnt caught what we have/had and I sure hope they dont any time soon.  Ill spare you the details but ill tel you, its absolutely no fun.

Ive been trying to stay away from the kids, well not breathing on them, to make sure I dont give them what I got.  But because of this, the picture taking has come to a halt the last week or so.

So heres whats been going on, between bathroom trips.
  • We bought a potty, I think its time
  • Cole found me and giggles when he touches it (I mean really found it)
  • Elyse now holds her bum when she sleeps
  • Cole gets a burst of energy every night right before bedtime in which he runs in circles around the living room till we say its time to go to nite-nite
  • Elyse is burping her baby while saying "Its ok, baby, its ok"
  • Cole is growling
  • Elyse has learned "Wake up" and what it means and tells anyone laying down to wake up
Ive got to get pictures of all of this, and I will work on it.
Even if i have to follow them around with a camera in their face 24/7

BUT can you look at these faces and NOT  want to take their picture?

I cant, unless Im running to the bathroom instead.

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