Friday, January 21

Yoga, Round 1

I finally took my first yoga class last night.  After hearing all about the benefits, I had to do it. 
The class started out as I expected, slowly  breathing in and out. 
In and out.
In and out.
Im a yoga virgin so I am clueless to what each pose is called and what Im supposed to be doing.  No biggie, the instructor should tell me what and when to move what.
This is where I got lost.  She moved so fast from one pose to the next and I couldn’t figure out what to do.  THEN she kept talking about how cold she was.  Yoga, to me, should be breathing  and stretching with very little talking, only guiding It wasn’t horrible, just wasn’t the best.
In addition to the instructor moving SOOO FAST, there were3 other people in the class with me.  The three of them were friends and kept talking.  They informed me that this instructor is not a good one and that I HAVE to come back next week. If they would have just stopped talking for 5 minutes, it might not have been so bad, not that it was bad, just not what I expected
So I will go again on Sunday (my long runs are set on Saturdays) and hopefully get another instructor.  I can see the benefits of the stretching and breathing and pushing my body in a different way.  Im hoping yoga will help with my runs. 
On another note, #36 of my 100 is now complete.
Im on my way.


  1. Wow that does sound awful. I took yoga classes in high school and college and I loved them, but I can see how your teacher and classmates could really ruin it for you. I hope you find a better class, because it's really relaxing and refreshing when you get it right :) Good luck!

  2. Don't give up---it gets better!! I was feeling a little weird the first few classes I took. Stick with it!!